Meet our Fantastic Flippin' Staff!!!

Staff Biographies

Vernon Leopold Vargas II

Owner / Head Coach

It is a privilege to witness the sense of accomplishment children have when learning skills, the joy kids have when entering the gym, as well as the pride parents have in their children’s success. Personally, there is no greater joy than watching children develop physically and mentally while having fun and staying active. My passion for the sport began when I was 6 years old. . After 11 years of competitive gymnastics, however, I made the natural transition to coaching. I have been a gymnastics instructor for over 25 years. Many athletes have won medals and national titles while under my instruction.

I have a passion for teaching children of all ages and abilities, spending numerous years in daycares and schools teaching gymnastics/dance. I am certified as a preschool coach. I currently work at Circle of Friends Preschool as a gymnastics movement and cheer coach. Not only am I a USA Gymnastics Certified Member in five disciplines; Artistic Boys & Artistic Girls Gymnastics, Sports Acrobatics, Tumbling & Trampoline, and All-Star Cheerleading, I have Level 1 certification in gymnastics and trampoline. I developed the All-Star Cheer and Tumbling &Trampoline programs at other gymnastic facilities. I also have Level B certification in emergency first aid and CPR. In addition to my work in the gym, I hold an Associates of Arts degree in dance movement from UC Irvine.

Stephanie Giudici

Office Manager / CFO

I’ve been working for Vargas Academy since 2010. Prior to working for Vargas Academy I attended an accounting/bookkeeping occupational school, where I graduated & received my certificate. I began my journey throughout Santa Cruz County where I put my Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Collection skills to use for close to 2 decades. During this time I had the opportunity to meet & work for Vernon Vargas. I am the Office Manager/ CFO of Vargas Academy. I am honored & blessed to be working for Vernon Vargas & becoming a part of Vargas Academy Family. On my days off I love being outdoors & spending time with my Girlfriend of 23 Years & my Family. I also love spending cuddly time with my Dog Cookie & 2 Cats Monkey & La Princess.

Michelle Niblock

Preschool & Girls Recreational Director/Coach

I have been working for Vargas Academy going on 9 years now. I started out as one of Vern's students at Santa Cruz Sports Central when I was a teenager. After having the pleasure of being coached in cheer/tumbling by Vern, I was offered a job at his very own gym, Vargas Academy of Gymnastics Arts and Parkour. I was a competitive and sideline cheerleader from the age of 4-18 years old. After years of doing that I had developed a love for coaching children in cheer and tumbling. I have been the Preschool Director and higher level girls TnT coach for about 5 years. Outside of my love for coaching, I also enjoy being at the beach, listening to music, and of course being around my family and friends. I enjoy being a coach because my students are always bringing great new energy to every single class. All achievements made by the children become milestones for me as a coach!

Abby McGregor

Girls Gymnastic Coach

I have been at Vargas for 9 years now doing gymnastics and in the past few years I have started working here as a junior coach for girls gymnastics. Aside from coaching I spend my time at vargas training with the gymnastics team. I think Vargas has such a positive environment and I love coaching gymnastics and spreading it to others!

Nate Swanepoel

Boys Gymnastic Coach


I became an athlete about 7 years ago. I heard about it from a friend and decided that parkour would be a fun hobby to have. However throughout the months I was doing parkour at Vargas Academy, I started to notice the gymnastics team and how amazing their flips were. Seeing what those amazing athletes do what they do best inspired me to join the gymnastics team. After being on the Vargas Academy gymnastics team for over 6 years I have achieved many physical and mental skills. Being on the team was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made! Because I have been on the gymnastics team for more than 1/2 my life, I don't consider my teammates as teammates anymore. The Vargas Academy gymnastics team is my family. ecause I love this sport so much, I beacme a jr staff coach at 12. Now I am the recreational level 1 boys gymnastics coach.